Somerville EP

by Old Town Tribune

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released January 15, 2012



all rights reserved


Old Town Tribune Boston, Massachusetts

The newest project of folk/bluegrass musician Joseph Kenneally, and whoever comes in to record with him. Tell your friends.

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Track Name: Don't Leave A Note
go on without me and don't leave a note i don't know why you left me don't know why you'd go but i'm dying to reach you i know that i can't won't you pick the telephone for an old friend

i been drinking and thinking that i done you wrong scrambling to find the words to put in my songs but i'm done i've got nothing i'm all out of hope i been more alone when i been here before

i pray you know me better remember me well i've been too close and too far and too gone to tell i don't know what i've got to do but i'll try my very best i'm clear out of luck with plans of leaving town

my car's broken down more times than my soul and i'm still trying to travel by these cracked and broken roads sometimes it seems like i'm running but running's all i've got you've got to break yourself down before you build yourself up

and i've since thought of wasting my time with my soul cracked and broken down in your voicemail's bones but i'm too badly beaten to crawl back this time so shake the dust of the days when i could call you mine

so hold on to what you recall sitting around the kitchen with the best of them all i pray you remember that i never did you wrong but i'm all out of excuses so you'll have to write me off
Track Name: Go On, Honey
the street's been looking for a place to hide
my feet don't know where to go but they'll try
storefront's gleam in the morning chill
there's an old man dying and his body's still
don't make a fool of these ancient stones
that make up the minds of the people they own
i'm no match for the weight of this old world
so i'm lying down defeated at the feet of a girl

raise up to the dying wind
the seat of the city don't own my mind
preach you sinner's to a soapbox lie
tom joad ain't gonna let you die
no tom tom joad ain't gonna let you die
sit up straight son and don't you quit
this world ain't easy but you're stuck in it
go on honey save my soul
tom joad's dying in the open road
tom joad's dying in the open road
Track Name: Somerville
black coffee steam rising to meet me at a diner on the west side of town
dreaming about the 1950s wishing i could go back in time
the waitress tells me i've looked better and i tell her i've seen much worse
and if you'll show up just in time to meet me i promise i won't leave here first

i'm tired of walking these streets wondering about what i did
just grow up and let me have it so i can get on with what i did
you've been calling me a liar and i've been counting down the days
until you show your face in this old town and i can tell you i've missed this place

will i see you tonight at the pub downtown i'll be looking like nothing you'd want
and i'll show you the smile i've been saving when you told me you weren't here on your own
don't worry about what i've done to myself and i won't worry about what i've done
and i'll forget about second chances and i'll leave when morning comes
Track Name: Leaving Town Alone
i've seen better days how about that
i've been walking down broadway and mass ave
i've been spending my time dreaming of your lips
and i'm thinking of coming over
remember in high school the fire escape
we braved the cold to watch the darkening landscape
and people came to together to share in the warmth
and now everything's falling apart

now i've fallen in love but i don't see you enough
when the stars come out at night
so i sit and watch them alone from my broken lonesome throne
as the city lights drown your sky

and i think we could make this better
leave this place together
instead of leaving town alone
Track Name: No-Name Boy
kick the dirt from your shoes you're heading home lost my shirt lost my love no where to go you told me i was not to follow so i stood and i watched your shadow i watched it go i watched you go

so i went so i went to the back the crowd watched you weave in and out like my lingering doubt you saw me you saw me so i turned and i ran right back through the door and into the sand i don't know if you know how broken i am but i'm just trying to get back to where i stand will you call will you think i've done nothing at all when i fall back trying to come back home i'm just trying to come back home

do you know what i mess i'm in
do you know that my mind's been traveling
do you hear the west coast singing along
do you wish we were nothing at all
what did you say last time i forget
something about your best friends and your regret
and i know you wish you could recall
all the things that you said way back in the fall
to a no-name boy who gave you his soul
and the two lost kids who wanted the world
and now your running away and i understand
but i wish you could see it from where i stand
and i wish we could cut out the time
when i stood crushed and broken on your county line

do you see what a mess i'm in
do you see what a mess i'm in
do you see what a mess i am
Track Name: This City
call me at two in the morning you know my eyes are still awake the weight in my chest won't go don't know if it's morning yet

you said i was a scoundrel and i'd have to agree you said you didn't know me at all and i was gonna die in peace

leave the lying to the liars leave the dying to the sad and free and we'll be drinking at that bar down the road if you ever want to talk to me

and i know things won't be the same i caught with myself and all my mistakes and the freeway doesn't know my sins yet oh i'll be seeing you are this city